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G Parenting

grounded & gentle parenting


G Parenting offers research-informed compassionate parenting courses for all caregivers.

G Parenting believes all families should have access to essential parenting skills in raising healthy and happy children.

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Our Mission

Meet the Creators

"Effective parenting requires compassion for you and your child. It's not about being perfect, but about understanding how to foster space for humanity and living in accordance with your values."

- G Parenting



We care about removing barriers to learning about compassionate parenting practices.

Our Values



We believe in respecting your humanity and the humanity of the children in your lives.


Evidence Based

We hold gratitude for the training we've received and believe that knowledge should be shared.


"G Parenting is co-created by Dr. Connally and Dr. Janis, who are compassionate clinical psychologists who believe strongly in empowering families by providing them with up-to-date, evidence-based parenting tools.

Drs. Connally and Janis have extensive training in working with children, parents, and families - particularly from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model. I highly recommend G Parenting material, which is useful for parents and professionals who work with them."

-Amy R. Murrell, Ph.D., author of the Becca Epps Series and co-author of The Joy of Parenting and To Be With Me: A Trauma Healing Book for Parents and Children

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