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For Children, Teens, & Caregivers

A young girl smiling into bubbles

Comprehensive resources to instill compassionate practices for
your child and yourself.

Eating Cotton Candy

Meeting Self with Compassion

Fostering a self-compassion practice for your child and for yourself can be important for psychological wellbeing and overall functioning. 

Learning how to hold a stance of openness, nonjudgment, and understanding can support you and your child with the challenges that life brings.

Practice Makes Progress

Taking a stance of warmth and care with oneself can be easier said than done.

Because of this, we've created comprehensive guides for children, adolescents, and adult caregivers. 

Our offerings are designed to build up a new skill or meet you and your child's current needs with this work.

Mother and child in embrace
A child playing airplane with their father. Child in the air, supported by father's knees and hands.


Access psychoeducation on what self-compassion is, why it matters, and various ways of implementing for yourself and with your family.

A mother skating with daughter and holding her waist.


Young kids can learn what it means to be a friend to self, respond to hurt, and practice openness with all of their experiences through activities and coloring sheets.

teen playing guitar


Adolescents can access developmentally-appropriate resources for how to redefine what brings them comfort, identify needs, and respond to self in respectful and compassionate ways.

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