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How and Why to Feel Them

Support Healthy Relationships to Feelings

two similarly aged girls in an embrace

This offering includes a 5-minute lesson and guided meditation for children. Your child can learn about the importance of feeling emotions and how to work with emotions flexibly.


Then you child can access 8 skill-building activity sheets. This course also comes with a parenting guide to support instruction. 

This course and activities are recommended for ages 3-10; working alongside younger children during these activities is encouraged. 

Learning Made Fun

Through coloring and activity sheets, children are able to foster flexible awareness, language, and responding to their emotions. Presenting your children with these tools helps to integrate important lessons in meaningful ways.

If you have already completed the (G) Parenting Workshop, this is the perfect complement to foster healthy emotions to feelings. 

Color pencils of various colors grouped - image of tips

Access This Course

Father and son baking in the kitchen

Free To Feel

We don't have control of what our children feel, but we can support them in learning how to feel and respond in ways that are flexible and support healthy living. This course offers just that in ways that are accessible and approachable.

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