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(G) Parenting Workshop: Compassionate Parenting

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(G) Parenting Workshop is a comprehensive course with evidence-based parenting interventions designed to support all caregivers in the home. Purchase includes access to training on values clarification to increase cohesion, role clarifications, boundary setting, emotion regulation skills, and more. Course comes with a workbook to support integration of skills and 12 FREE downloadable handouts to promote emotion regulation and compassionate parenting. ($2,000 total value)

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Parenting with Confidence

It is our hope that these courses will support you in building confidence with how to navigate parenting highs and lows and how to advocate for your child's growing needs and the needs of your family system.

Please note: Our products and resources are for informational purposes only. Use of them or any of the information on our site does not constitute a therapeutic relationship with Drs. Connally or Janis, nor with any other G Parenting representative. We encourage you to partner with a local provider to determine what information may be best suited for your situation, and how to implement the practices that may be best suited for your family's needs.

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