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Medical Settings - Support Guide for Medical Anxiety

Medical Settings - Support Guide for Medical Anxiety


Facing Fears with Greater Understanding & Flexibility
We understand that medical visits and procedures can spark fear and anxiety in many individuals, regardless of age. And as caregivers, seeing your child struggle with fear and overwhelm during illnesses or procedures can leave you feeling stressed and powerless, too.

This offering includes seven activity sheets designed to lessen fear of medical practices and procedures through deeper understanding and skill-building. Activity sheets include helpful information about the tools or procedures your child may encounter and skill-building related to the function of each medical tool. These regulating activities can be used before, during, or after medical visits. With these tools, children can work independently or partner with caregivers to meet their emotional needs in the face of medical stressors.

This offering also comes with a comprehensive parenting guide designed to support you, the caregiver, as you navigate these situations, as well as information to support instruction and implementation of these tools.

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